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In the mid 1960's Grace Bible College Preparatory school was established as a ministry of Grace Bible Church.  The vision was to provide a Christ-centered, college preparatory education for families that had placed their faith in Christ.

The school grew steadily but in 1972 the church began to experience hard times that caused the church leadership to consider closing the school.

Shortly thereafter, a group of concerned families who desired that their children continue a Christ-centered education met with the church leadership.  After much prayer and seeking God's will, San Antonio Christian Schools was born.

The mission was to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered education to prepare students for works of service.  The parents and leaders set the goal to produce graduates that were well educated, biblically sound, morally grounded and servants at heart.  These students would be academically prepared to go through all doors of opportunity with a firm biblical foundation. 

God miraculously provided a wonderful school building at 5703 Blanco Road and the school opened that September with 123 eager students and 14 dedicated staff members.  San Antonio Christian Schools had a new location to embark on its new vision!

In 1982 two significant decisions were made that would set the course of the school for the years to come.

  1. The purchase of the Northside Boy's Club.
  2. The administrative structure was changed by appointing two principals and a superintendent.

In 1985 the elementary school received accreditation followed by the secondary school in 1987.  San Antonio Christian Schools was the first protestant, Christian school in San Antonio to be fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), setting the standard for other Christian schools in San Antonio. 

In 1991 the school board adopted a "zero based budgeting" policy.  This policy insured tuition and fees alone cover the entire cost of operating the school!  SACS does not depend on annual fundraising to meet operating costs.

In 1994 SACS experienced such phenomenal growth that the middle school could no longer share the same facility with the high school, so the middle school leased the former Mount Sacred Heart Catholic School.

A new challenge appeared in 1995.  The elementary school found that applications for kindergarten and 1st grade began to drastically decrease. A committee was formed to address the declining enrollment.  The committee revealed the schools' "catchment-area" had moved to the far north of San Antonio. The committee recommended the school sell its current assets and select a site north of Loop 1604.

Almost immediately after deciding to move, the school received two generous offers on an eleven acre piece of property at Park Ten North, and an investment group purchased the two SACS owned campuses.  At the same time, a school board member "happened on" a perfect location just north of Loop 1604.  Three Christian families were selling 39 acres on Redland Road that they had owned for many years. These families had been praying that God would use the land for His own purpose!

Since moving to the new campus, San Antonio Christian Schools grew from 680 students to 1155 students in 2008.  SACS continues to excel academically with SAT scores averaging 1120 math/verbal (1649 full battery) and 98% of its graduates attending a variety of Christian and secular universities throughout the nation.  The increase in student population and the school's commitment to excellence have allowed the school to excel in athletics, develop an exemplary band/music program, produce award winning art and architecture classes, provide state and nationally recognized journalism classes, and have a highly skilled drama department. 

With all of these blessings, SACS remains a school dedicated to the Christian principle of servant leadership.  Whether students are working at a soup kitchen in downtown San Antonio, teaching at a five day club at Alazan-Apache Courts, helping wrap gifts for Elf Louise, building a one room home for the pastor of a small Mexican village, nursing Haitian orphans in Port-au- Prince, or sharing the gospel with abandoned children in the Ukraine - SACS students are there to serve.  Service develops character and character is the foundation for leadership!   

Service, Character, Leadership…that is what San Antonio Christian Schools is all about!


San Antonio Christian Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race,

color, gender, national, or ethnic origin.


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